Mediterranean Sea


sail the Mediterranean Sea

The Med offers of the best areas for sailing and cruising. The landscapes are stunning. The wind is often available. The sea is crystal clear and warm. And there are so many other things to do, like visiting local archeological sites or sumptuously decorated orthodoxes temples or tasting the simple and healthy Mediterranean cuisine in "taverna" restaurant on the beach.

On this page, we are proposing several cruise options

We can tailor your cruise the way you prefer and visit the islands you dream about.

Cyclade cruises

one of the best sailing experience in the world

The Archipelago of the Cyclades is the largest of Greece. South-East of Athènes it was at the center of the seas crossed by merchants and warriors since the beginning of time. There are remains of these ancient civilizations on the islands and under the sea. Today, it is crossed by large vessels going in and out of the black sea and passing through the Doro strait. Most of the time, the wind comes from the north, the Meltemi. A handful of islands are known for high touristic activities, Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, Paros... But the Cyclades are much more than this, many more islands and hundreds of well protected stopovers in stunning creeks or in small fishing shelters. More than often, there is a taverna available for a cold beer and a salad on the beach or on the quay. The season starts in April and finishes late October. 

It is simple nature.

It is delicious food.

It is safe.

It is the Cyclades.

cyclades north cruise - one week - 184 miles

around The most popular islands of the cyclades

The north part of the Cyclades is the most popular. It is the easiest to sail both ways. To the east, wind on port side beam pushing our catamaran at high speed to the next highland. To the west, wind on starboard side, making it easy to return to the port of origine without the hassle of beating against the wind. All the islands are nice to visit. We propose here what we really enjoy. Special mention for the ancient Delos, an idea of what was the life in the area five thousand years ago, before Mykonos parties became so popular.

Saturday: 19 miles from Lavrio to Megalonisos

Upon arrival on board, our skipper will give a thorough safety briefing and set sail directly to one of the closest island from Lavrio. Discover a quite and peaceful bay after the travel is great.

Anchorage near Lavrio

Sunday: 32 miles from Megalonisos to Andros

On the second day, we will sail across the infamous strait of Doro to reach Andros Island. The strait of Doro is surrounded by high mountains from Evia and Andros. This funnels the wind from the north and form a type of Venturi: the wind gets accelerated to extreme speed. So our skipper will be cautious sailing through this area, with likely little sail! 

The south shore of Andros is full of protected anchorage and traditional fishing harbors. This is a great area to visit.

Andros cyclades

Monday: 30 miles from Andros to Delos (optional Mykonos overnight)

Delos is our preferred island. It forms a sort of archipelago and there are many protected anchorages.

The visit of Delos Island is quite interesting, it is the largest archeological site in the Cyclades. The top of the hill provides a great 360 view over the area.

Delos cyclades

Tuesday: 18 miles from Delos to Naxos

This leg provides a great opportunity to test the Avel Vaez capabilities at high speed. This will typically be a down wind sail on relatively flat sea with a typically active Meltemi. Enjoy!

Avel Vaez ORC57 high-performance catamaran

Wednesday: 28 miles from Naxos to Syros

There is a lot to see in Syros. The main city Ermoupolis is the luxurious capital of the Cyclades. Its house and streets are made of white marbles. There are many signs of the past wealth of this city and the one from its famous inhabitant.

Ermoupolis Syros Cyclades

Thursday: 35 miles Syros to Kythnos

Kythnos is also one of our favorite stop. There are a number of hot water springs in the bays that are very welcome when the weather is cool.

In every little bay, there are delicious local tavernas with fresh and healthy food.

Friday: 22 miles from Kythnos to Lavrio

On Friday, we will sail back to Lavrio. If time allows, we recommend a short stop on the south of Kea to visit Kartheia, a recently restored archeological site.

Olympic Marine Marina Lavrio

cyclades South cruise - one week - 217 miles

Taking advantage of the ORC57 capability to visit more cyclade islands

The southern part of the Cyclade Archipelago offers stunning rock cliffs and caves. It is less visited and therefore less crowded during the summer high season. It offers great opportunities for night on anchor in protected hidden bays. The objective of the cruise is to quickly sail downwind the first day and come back tacking against the Meltemi winds to return to Lavrio. With Avel Vaez capability both down wind and upwind, this is really a great sailing cruise. Not many boats will achieve what Avel Vaez can achieve in these conditions.

Saturday: 22 miles from Lavrio to Kythnos 

Upon arrival on board, our skipper will give a thorough safety briefing and set sail directly to Kythnos.

Kythnos is one of our favorite island and offer many safe anchorages.

Kythnos Cyclades

Sunday: 42 miles from Kythnos to Milos

This downwind sail will provide a great opportunity to play with the capability of Avel Vaez.

This leg takes typically a long sail with any other boat. With Avel Vaez, this leg will be fun and enjoyable. 

Monday: 42 miles from Milos to Folegandros

This will be a pleasant sail beam reach and Avel Vaez will sail very fast.

At the end of the day, spending some time snorkeling on the reef will provide unforgettable memories.

Tuesday: 28 miles from Folegandros to Paros

Paros offers many great opportunities for a walk in the streets of its main city. The worship places and the friendly atmosphere are "must see". 

Wednesday: 29 miles from Paros to Sifnos

Sifnos is amongst the less visited islands. It offers many protected anchorages that are great to spend the night. 

Thursday: 18 miles from Sifnos to Serifos

Serifos is one other less visited island. There are many well protected anchorages with stunning views. 

Friday: 36 miles from Serifos to Lavrio

Back to Lavrio on Friday evening after a day enjoying the capability of Avel Vaez in these conditions. 

Saronic gulf cruise

Another amazing cruise around athens

The southwest of Athens offers many great opportunities. This area is more protected from the strong Meltemi and it has a lot to offer. Departing from Lavrio, the temple of Poseidon in Sounio reminds us that our ancestors always chose the best locations to build the temples for their gods. Sounio is one of the most impressive one, built on the edge of the cliff.

SARONIC GULF CRUISE - one week - 174 miles


Saturday: 13 miles from Lavrio to Kea

Upon arrival on board, our skipper will give a thorough safety briefing and set sail directly to Kea, one of the closest islands from Lavrio.

Kea can be lively or peaceful, we never know. It offers several great anchorages and many restaurants.

Sunday: 44 miles from Kea to Idra

Mooring inside Idra port is nearly impossible. We anchor in the bay next door, a short walking distance.

There are much to see in the village. This island is reputed for its gourmet restaurants and the fact that there are no cars on this island.

Monday: 16 miles from Idra to Spetses

Spetses offers many great walks around and some of the most gorgeous views.

Tuesday: 23 miles from Spetses to Poros

We love Poros anchorage. It is busy and friendly; it is so large...

On the quaysides, many great restaurants and it is lively throughout the day!

Wednesday: 11 miles from Poros to Aegina

One of the oldest temples in the Cyclades is located on Aegina. We recommend a trip there.

Thursday: 45 miles from Aegina to Kythnos

Kythnos is one of our favorite island. The port of Loutra provides a well-protected mooring inside the port jetties (outside, not sot much).

There are many wlaks around Kythnos that are worth some time...

Friday: 22 miles from Kythnos to Lavrio

Back to Lavrio on Friday evening... 

Welcome back!

Sporade cruise

Mediterranean sea crossing

Our 2024 second Mediterranean crossing will take place in two legs. 

The first leg will depart Lavrio on September 23rd, 2024, and arrive in La Grande Motte on Oct 13th 2024 after three weeks of great sailing from Greece to Italy and on to France.

The second leg will depart La Grande Motte on October 26th 2024 and arrive in Gibraltar on November 9th 2024 after sailing along the coast of Spain and visiting the Balearic Islands.