activitIES on board AND AT STOPOVERS


Activities on board and in port, cruising on Avel Vaez

What exactly do we do aboard the ORC57 Avel Vaez catamaran? What is the sailing program, and what activities are offered during a classic cruise, or during a transatlantic crossing?

A unique navigation program

The first and finest activity we offer on board our ORC57 is, of course, sailing. As soon as there's air, our high-performance catamaran moves at wind speed... And sometimes, Avel Vaez goes even faster!

On board, we always try to make the most of the wind. You're sure to experience many sensations!

Our Mediterranean sailing cruises

The first option for sailing aboard the third ORC57 is to embark on a Mediterranean cruise.

From May to September 2024, our superb catamaran is based in Lavrio, Greece, just 30 minutes from Athens airport.

There, Avel Vaez is available for weekly rental, for the cruise of your choice:

Our fast catamaran trips in the caribBeans

From December 21, 2024, you can hire the ORC57 Avel Vaez to sail in the Caribbeans waters. Until March 22, 2025!

From Anguilla to Grenada, you'll still be able to make some wonderful discoveries thanks to our yacht's speed and optimized stopover times.

You will choose your route and the islands you wish to visit, among several destinations:

Our ORC57 transatlantic voyages

Are you keen on long-distance sailing, and curious to see what it can be like aboard a high-performance sailing yacht? Forget coastal cruising, and opt for a fast catamaran transatlantic crossing on Avel Vaez!

Our participation in major sailing events

Aboard Avel Vaez, you'll finally be able to take part in some of the world's greatest sailing events. Aegean 600, ARC 2024... Take advantage of a catamaran with extraordinary performance, and take part in legendary rallies and sailing races!

Onboard activities

On board Avel Vaez and underway, you'll be invited to take part in the maneuvers and navigation. But feel free, too, to slow down and take your time!

At anchor, depending on the places you visit and the navigation program determined by the crew, you can enjoy the waters around the boat. Many activities are possible: swimming or snorkeling, fishing, stand-up paddling, kite-surfing... If your skills allow it, scuba diving may also be possible.

Your stopover program

With the exception of ocean cruises and convoying, where navigation is non-stop from the port of departure to the port of arrival, all cruises aboard Avel Vaez include several stopovers. Our catamaran's sailing schedule is designed to give you plenty of time to make the most of each stopover. We'll do our utmost, depending on the sailing schedule and disembarkation possibilities, to enable you to visit and enjoy the various places of call!