atypical cruises on orc57

Our racer-cruiser high-performance catamaran "Avel Vaez" promises great sailing moments

The ORC57 #3 catamaran, one of the most powerful catamarans ever built

Come aboard ORC57 number 3, delivered by ORC Catamarans in early 2024! 

The name Avel Vaez, which means "Offshore Wind" in Breton language, was not chosen by chance: the third ORC57 is a lightweight, high-performance catamaran, capable of sailing in all weathers. Often sailing faster than the wind!

client feedback

"The yacht is really extraordinary, very fast, particularly well equipped. Life on board is very comfortable: two bathrooms, always hot water, two fridges and a freezer, four large cabins... There's really a lot of space.

Christian, the skipper, is very friendly and competent. I always felt safe, even though it was quite windy at times.

 I'll definitely be sailing this catamaran again! Thanks to the crew and to Avel-Marine, who initiated this great project. "

Éric, Avel Vaez passenger between La Grande-Motte (France) and Athens (Greece)

Catamaran up wind capability

Avel Vaez on main sail and J1, with daggerboard down,

can sail upwind better than most catamarans.

Photo: Mikhael Brun

catamaran high bridge haight

ORC 57 #3 after launching in Lorient in January 2024

Photo: Mikhael Brun

An Exceptional sail boat

Passionate about sailing, we set out to build - in France, in the Breton town of Lorient - the most accomplished sailing catamaran on the market. After several months of construction, we won our bet: Avel Vaez is one of the best high-performance catamarans ever built, as well as one of the fastest catamarans in the world!

Today, we're delighted to make it available to you, for fast, atypical cruises with family, colleagues or friends.

It's simple: Avel Vaez is an exceptional catamaran, as your sailing should be!

Catamaran rental beyond the norm

Whether you're looking to cruise or race, for leisure or a corporate event, we offer you the chance to enjoy a unique experience. On board Avel Vaez, your sailing experience will be quite different from that offered aboard a standard rental catamaran!

Alone, as a couple, with family or friends... On the exceptional catamaran that is Avel Vaez, you'll enjoy optimized sailing:

On the ORC57 Avel Vaez, aboard one of our top-performing catamarans, you'll be able to make the most of every moment.

Catamaran Gennaker

ORC 57 #3 Avel Vaez sailing with the  big 200m2 gennaker

spacious and comfortable

Avel Vaez is a very comfortable catamaran, with particularly convivial interior and exterior spaces. From the beginning to the end of your cruise, everything will be organized by our team. Meals and activities on board, too, will be organized to minimize the boat's impact on the environment as much as possible. There's no doubt about it: you'll enjoy an exceptional onboard experience on our catamaran!

Catamaran large double cabin

Avel Vaez offers four large confortable double cabins for guests

Photo: Mikhael Brun

Catamaran large sail plan

ORC 57 #3 Avel Vaez under main sail and genoa J1

Photo: Mikhael Brun 

An exceptional sailing program

Wondering in which sailing areas you can sail with the ORC57 Avel Vaez?

Our high-performance catamaran changes sailing region with the seasons: 

Avel vaez main routes

Catamaran Atlantic Crossing

Map of the standard routes Sailed with Avel Vaez

A professional crew

Catamaran professional crew

Throughout the year and all over the world, Avel Vaez is operated by a professional crew, ensuring fast, safe sailing for all passengers. When you come aboard the ORC57, you'll have the opportunity to take part in maneuvers and navigation.

Catamaran professional crew

Avel Vaez offers exceptional experience on board one of the world fastest 57 ft high performance catamaran 

Photo: Manon Le Guen

News from our team

Want to find out more about the history of Avel Marine and the Avel Vaez catamaran?

Our team tells you all about it, from the early days of boat building to the present day...

Do you have a question about the ORC57 Avel Vaez, or would you like to know more about the sailing possibilities on board?

Contact the Avel Marine team today!

Welcome on board !

Catamaran direct tiller

Avel Vaez means "Offshore Wind" in Breton language.

Photo: Mikhael Brun