The Archipelago of the Cyclades is the largest of Greece. South-East of Athènes it was at the center of the seas crossed by merchants and warriors since the beginning of time. There are remains of these ancient civilizations on the islands and under the sea. Today, it is crossed by large vessels going in and out of the black sea and passing through the Doro strait. Most of the time, the wind comes from the north, the Meltemi. A handful of islands are known for high touristic activities, Mykonos, Santorini, Milos, Paros... But the Cyclades are much more than this, many more islands and hundreds of well protected stopovers in stunning creeks or in small fishing shelters. More than often, there is a taverna available for a cold beer and a salad on the beach or on the quay. The season starts in April and finishes late October. 

It is simple nature.

It is delicious food.

It is the Cyclades.

The essential sail guide for the Cyclades is the IMRAY guide. Great information about everywhere we can go.