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Do you dream of chartering an ORC57 for an unforgettable cruise? There's bound to be a sailing experience in our high-performance catamaran program to suit your needs! Let's discover the possibilities on Avel Vaez...

The extraodinary routes of Avel Vaez

Why and where to rent an ORC57 catamaran?

The latest addition to the ORC range, Avel Vaez offers a rich sailing program for the first year. Whether they wish to sail our catamaran in coastal or blue water sailing and ocean crossing, in convoying mode, in rally mode or in racing mode, passengers will be spoilt for choice! 

Mai to October - Sailing the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf on our high-performance ORC57 catamaran

Departing from the French coast in April 2024, the catamaran reached the port of Lavrio, Greece, at the start of the season. It is now possible to charter the ORC57 catamaran for a cruise of one or more weeks in Greek waters, subject to availability.

Once the summer season is over, our exceptional catamaran will leave Greece and cross the Mediterranean to the Balearic Islands. Once again, passengers will be able to embark.

At the end of the year, Avel Vaez will take advantage of the trade winds to sail her first transatlantic race

On this occasion, the catamaran will take part in the ARC 2024, a major sailing rally involving several hundred boats. Thrill-seekers will probably choose this opportunity to charter the ORC57: with its speed and impressive capabilities, our high-performance catamaran could well be among the first!

From November 24th 2024 - Atlantic Crossing with the ARC 2024

December to March - Cruising in the Caribbeans from Anguilla to Grenada

While winter is in full swing in Europe, the catamaran Avel Vaez will be enjoying the pleasant climate of the tropics. 

In the Caribbeans for three months, from the end of December 2024, it will offer crew members the chance to embark by chartering the boat by the week from Le Marin, Martinique. Sailing will be possible between the islands of Anguilla and Grenada.

After several months in the Caribbean, Avel Vaez will once again be heading for the Mediterranean, before starting a new sailing season. 

The second Atlantic crossing of our ORC57, or "transatlantic return", will be an opportunity for a few lucky sailors to enjoy fast offshore sailing between Le Marin and Lavrio, as well as a stopover in the Azores.

April - Atlantic crossing from Caribbeans to Mediterranean Sea via the Acorres Islands

chartering Options for our ORC57

The ORC57 Avel Vaez can be chartered for one berth, one cabin, or privatized all year round. Whatever the area and sailing program you choose, the catamaran will always be accompanied by its professional crew, responsible for the smooth running of your sailings.

If you wish to embark on our racing catamaran, you are free to choose your cruising program and the composition of your crew. The duration of your stay on board can be from one to several weeks.

Avel Vaez can be booked in several formats:

Individual boarding :

You can book a cruise of your choice on your own. You'll discover sailing on Avel Vaez alongside a pre-existing group, and stay in one of the catamaran's double cabins. 

Depending on the number of people on board, your double cabin can be subdivided into two individual compartments, so that two crew members traveling alone can share.

Cabin cruise :

As a couple or duo, you can also book a double cabin aboard our racing catamaran cruiser. We call this "cabin boarding"! 

You'll have your own private space aboard Avel Vaez, and share the boat's common areas with other passengers. In all, up to 6 people will be able to occupy the catamaran's other double cabins, and join you.

Rental of complete boat with crew :

If you'd like to privatize an ORC57, Avel Vaez is the place for you!

For a group of 6 to 8 people, or to take full advantage of the boat with a smaller group, you can also rent all the catamaran's spaces. We call this a "full boat" formula. You'll still benefit from the professional crew in charge of the boat.

Book a cruise on the ORC57 Avel Vaez

Would you like to organize one or more weeks of cruising aboard Avel Vaez? Contact our team or our partners today, and we'll help you with your project!

If you are planning to embark alone or would like to book a double cabin on Avel Vaez, regardless of the sailing area, please contact us at contact@avel-marine.com. Likewise, if you're planning to embark on our catamaran for an Atlantic crossing!

If you would like to charter the ORC57 Avel Vaez "complete boat", in Europe or in the tropics, please contact our partners: