Launching: December 2023

Delivery: January 2024

Presentation to the public: La Grande Motte Multihull Show April 3rd - 7th 2024

Avel Vaez navigation zone is the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

During the summer months, Avel Vaez is cruising in Europe.

During the winter months, Avel Vaez discover the Caribbeans.

Atlantic crossings:

The first charter available will take you from La Grande Motte in France to Lavrio in Greece.

There are amazing stops on the way in Corsica, Italie, Sicily and Greece

Departure from LGM on April 8th 2024 and arrival in Lavrio April 23rd 2024.

Price: 2450 euros per passenger per week (minimum 2 passengers and maximum 4 passengers)

From April 27th 2024 to October 19th 2024, Avel Vaez is available in Greece for cruises in the Cyclades.

There are many islands to visit in this area, each with its own character. From the fiestas on Mykonos to the secluded ancient sites of Delos, there are things to see at every stopover! 

Prices (cruise starting month):

April: 16 500 eur/week

May: 17 500 eur/week

June: 19 500 eur/week

July/August: 21 500 eur/week

September: 19 500 eur/week

October: 17 500 eur/week

Located in Lavrio, 20 minutes from Athens International Airport, Olympic Marina is the departure and arrival berth. For cruise in Greece, we partner with FastSailing

FastSailing is specialized in high performance sailboat charter, monohull or multihull. This is the most professional team on this market in Greece!

On November 1st 2024, after a short maintenance period, Avel Vaez will sail from Lavrio to Las Palmas. This provides an opportunity to cross the Mediterranean Sea, to sail through Gibraltar Strait and to arrive around November 15th 2024 in Las Palmas.

Price: 2450 euros per passenger per week (minimum 2 passengers and maximum 4 passengers) 

The ARC 2024 will depart Las Palmas on Sunday November 24th 2024. Avel Vaez will be the first ORC 57 to participate in this rally across the Atlantic Ocean. Arrival in Saint-Lucia around December 8th.

Price: 7 950 euros per passenger (minimum 2 passengers and maximum 4 passengers)

From December 21st 2024 to March 22nd 2025, Avel Vaez is available in the Caribbeans.


December: 25 000 eur/week

January: 24 000 eur/week

February: 23 000 eur/week

March: 22 000 eur/week

On March 29th 2025, Avel Vaez will depart from Le Marin for the Atlantic Ocean Crossing. Estimated arrival time in Horta on April 11th 2025. After a week of stand by, Avel Vaez will depart Horta on April 19th 2025 and expect to arrive in Lavrio on May 3rd 2025.

Price: 2450 euros per passenger per week (minimum 2 passengers and maximum 4 passengers) 



Potential non-cumulative discounts:

- Returning client

- Reservation 6 months prior charter

- 2nd week, 3rd week, 4th week, or more!


Upon reservation, we will provide our terms and conditions.

Weekly cruising charter begins on Saturdays at 17:00 and finishes on Saturdays at 9:00.

Avel Vaez must be back to the agreed mooring on Friday evening to allow for proper boat cleaning/preparation for the next charter.

Guests are welcome to participate in the maneuvers as well as the preparation of meals and basic housekeeping in the areas they visit regularly on board.

Please avoid large hard suitcase. Prefer bags. Feel free to bring your own kite surf, diving/snorkeling gears, etc.

Important note: Avel Vaez is an ultra-light weight catamaran made for fast and fun cruising. We do not have allowance for any heavy air conditioning unit. Wind breeze running through numerous large open hatches ensure cool temperature inside the cabins at night...!

If we must cancel the charter (breakdown or damage to the boat and impracticable weather making sailing unsafe), we will refund 100% of the payment made to us unless otherwise specified. We do not refund travel arrangements or local hotels, so please take the required change/cancellation insurance if needed with the airline/travel agent.


Avel Vaez is owned and managed by Avel-Marine. We partner with professional locals specialized in high performance cruiser/racer sailing vessel segment to ensure our guests will enjoy the best sailing experience.

Our local partners can help setup events and participation to races. Should you be interested in racing or organizing any special event, please contact us.