On this page, you'll find all the latest news about our catamaran Avel Vaez, told by the Avel-Marine team!

Our news items are listed here in anti-chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest.

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June 6th, 2024 - Preparing the season

The plan for Avel Vaez crew is to take advantage of the pre-season to visit the area and the upcoming cruise. The month of July is now fully booked and we are receiving request for the month of August and September.

Our skipper continues to fine tune the yacht and correct all the post-delivery minor deficiencies. Avel Vaez is now close to perfect!

This program is providing opportunities to share a few great pictures...! here are some of them! Enjoy!

April 22nd, 2024 First cruise from LGM to Lavrio

The departure from La Grande Motte was delayed a few days. There was too much wind to exit the port.

Arrival in Lavrio on April 22nd. Here is the feedback from two participants to this first commercial cruise with us:

A passenger wrote to us: "I did the cruise between La Grande Motte and Athens; great course, good atmosphere on board. The sailboat is really extraordinary, very fast, particularly well equipped (sails, electronics, means of communication), very comfortable (two bathrooms, always hot water, two fridges and a freezer, lots of space, four large cabins).

Christian, the skipper, was very friendly and competent, and I always felt safe, even though at times we had quite a bit of wind. I will definitely sail on this boat again.

Thank you to Christian, our skipper, to Pavlina for preparing our meals and looking after the boat, and to Yves for being the initiator of this wonderful project."

A second passager gave us the following comments: "We all were flashed by the performance of the yacht, the crew and we had perfect days with all, what a sailing trip could offer (except storms or other negative incidents). I personally was also impressed by the yacht equipment, electronics and the high attention of you to important details in selection of certain functions, material or solutions."

Our skipper also sent us the following message: "Avel Vaez is now in Lavrio, Greece. We did a lot more sailing than on the previous legs. The passengers were delighted. We sailed with 5 knots of real wind at 5 knots upwind with the Grand Gennaker and high mainsail, we sailed by 40 knots real downwind with 2 and 3 reefs and staysail. Then upwind at 30 knots, up to 38 knots. In all these points of sail, performance is impressive. It's still tense from time to time, and we had to reduce very quickly sometimes, but it's very pleasant."

Thank you everyone for this great feedback on the fastest sailing catamaran available for charter...!

Avel Vaez on anchor on a beautiful day. High-performance catamaran gives access to less visited moorings!

Picture from our skipper Christian - No filter...!

April 7th, 2024 International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte

Avel Vaez was one of the high-performance catamarans exposed by GLY at the 2024 International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte.

We have received many praised and all agreed Avel Vaez was the sexiest catamaran on site.

We received the following message from the new owner of the ORC yard:

"The presence of Avel Vaez attracted many visitors and aroused keen interest in our models. The enthusiasm of the visitors and the many questions asked testify to the quality and attractiveness of your catamaran. 

Your boat was a superb showcase for our expertise and helped boost ORC brand awareness. 

This show has enabled us to measure the special place of the ORC brand and its strength with a real community of enthusiasts, which reinforces our belief in the potential of this brand."

At Avel-Marine, we also believe Avel Vaez is one of the best catamaran on the market...! Obviously...! 

Avel Vaez reverse bow and turquoise covering did not remain unnoticed at the LGM multihull show. Most of the videos in the media were showing Avel Vaez as an example of the current production 

Avel Vaez facing the last Windelo 54 in at the 2024 LGM multihull show. Both are in the category of the high performance catamaran. for the same weight and sail area, Avel Vaez is around one meter wider and longer. Performance won't compare!

The Lorient ORC yard team wearing the Avel Vaez T-shirt posing in front of the picture prepared for the LGM boat show! 

This is the team who build these high-performance amazing catamarans, including ORC 57 #3 Avel Vaez.

Thank You Team ORC, you are fantastic...!

March 29th, 2024 Testing the ORC 57

The skipper sends us the following message:

"The last day and especially the last afternoon, we had a fantastic speed run, on flat sea between Ibiza and Majorca. We were all the time between 15 and 20 knots and we did a hit 21.3 knots boat speed. We were relaying at the helm to try to go faster... It was awesome.

A second test took place leaving Ibiza. The wind was above 30 knots, and the boat speed was above 25 knots! We almost covered 200 nautical miles in one day.

The passengers were very impressed by the catamaran performances and the sailing sensations, even with minimum sails. Broad reach, we sail at high speed, without being shacken and always safely. We had 33 knots of true wind yesterday and with one reef in the main and the genoa, broad reach, it is only 20 knots apparent wind."

Not many boats can achieve these kinds of speed... This is fun sailing!

March 23rd, 2024 Approaching Ibiza

The sail from Lisbon to Gibraltar went well, following the north side of the main shipping traffic routes. No orcas have been seen on the voyage! That was a relieve as this threat is daunting. For this passage, there was no wind and most of the sail was done under engine... Not really what Avel Vaez prefers, but this is now done. It looks like we will be on time at the International Multihull Show in La Grande Motte.

March 16th, 2024 A night in Cascais

Between Lisbon and Gibraltar, there are about 300 nautical miles. on the south side of the path, there is the main shipping route from the Mediterranean Sea to Western Europe. Between this major shipping route and the coast is a body of water attracting tuna and all sort of fish. Behind those schools of fishes are the Orcas. These very large and gorgeous marin mammals have been causing a lot of concerns to sail boats like Avel Vaez as they tend to come and bite the rudders and appendices of the boats they find on their way. 

We have on board two anti-depredation pingers. These will be set in the water in case these animals come close, and we hope this will have a repulsive effect. They emit on 40kHz at 175 db.

The marin mammals have attacked four boats these past few days. The attacks were along the coast near Cape Saint Vincente. The strategy is either to sail very close to the shore, less than 20m water depth. Or sail near the main traffic lines away from the fishing zones. With so many encounters near shore the past days, it was decided to set sail toward the main sailing route and stay offshore until Gibraltar.

Good luck...!  

Orca encounters (attacks are in red) in February and March 2024.

Marine Traffic map on March 16th 2024. The green and red triangles are commercial vessels and the brown ones are fishing vessels. The fishing vessels are chasing the fish in competition with the Orcas... Let's stay away...!

Anti-depredation pingers to deter the Orcas from eating the rudders...

We have two 40kHz - 175 dB pingers on board ready to be launched in case of need.

Showing off the Avel Vaez spirit. At the helm is Christian our skipper and ready to run is our Seawoman Pavlina. This is our wonderful crew on Avel Vaez!

March 11th, 2024 Avel Vaez sets sail

Lorient is still cold at this time of the year. And there are fronts coming through the Bay of Biscaye on regular basis. Every other day, the wind blows 35 knots and the next day is calmer.

Our Skipper Christian, First Mate Tangy and Seawoman Pavlina chose to take a good weather opportunity to set sail in the morning.

They reported the ride was not so confortable, as expected... Avel Vaez sailed upwind at 10 knots average through to the Asturias coast.

Preparing to depart Lorient port on March 11th in a gorgeous morning light! Skipper Christian checking Zeus at the starboard helm. Almost ready to go!

Before leaving, final verification at the top of the mast, checking everything is in order for a possible rough passage through the notorious Bay of Biscay in March...!

Finally done with the Bay of Biscay

Avel Vaez made it safely to Spain!

February 29th, 2024 Avel Vaez delivery

Delivery and handover took place between Feb 26th and 29th 2024 in Lorient. The yard team worked hard to make the boat ready for delivery.

We also had the visit of the ANFR surveyor. The ANFR is the french organization who is responsible for the survey and licencing of radio installation. Avel Vaez is outfitted with the latest technology and complies with GMDSS requirements. ANFR surveyor measured the output/input of all our equipment and delivered his report. On the ANFR web site, we have registered all our communication equipment and emergency kit: SARS, EPIRB, etc.

With the ANFR visit done, we had the final visit from the french navy "coast guards". After a thorough survey, we received the navigation permit. This is a very significant milestone in our project and confirms the level of professionalism we have reached on board. Not many sailboats this size have managed to get this level of certification.

The navigation permit allowed us to request the certificate of registration from the commercial french flag "RIF" (Registre International Français").

With the navigation permit and the registration certificate, we could now register Avel Vaez on the ship owner web site. We have to submit the ship emergency HSE plan. It includes the basic operating rules on board as well as the emergency response plan and the ship risk assessment: Each activity is risk assessed and mitigation measures are put in place when needed. The role of the crew and the guests are also detailed in the document. We also needed to provide the working hours for the crew. After reviewing these documents, the flag delivered the arming permit. This permit allows the owner to recruit the crew.

French administration in its full splendor!

January 16th, 2024 ORC 57 #3 "Avel Vaez" launching

At 8:30, the crane started to lift Avel Vaez. We are about six months late from the most optimistic schedule we could think about a year ago. Considering that the shipyard went through the bankruptcy from June to September 2023, in the middle of the project, we consider this is a great final outcome! A huge thank you to the teams at Marsaudon Composites and to the new owner Grand Large Yachting, this was only possible with these extraordinary people full commitment to make this project come to an end. 

Watch the launching video here

Avel Vaez will be one of the very few sailing boat certified by the french flag as a professional passenger transport vessel, fully approved for ocean crossing. This has required a thorough design review as well as an extensive list of additional equipment, including medical equipment and drugs as well as communication and distress call system, a true potable water distribution, etc. In this category of sailing catamaran, Avel Vaez is the most equipped for the safest navigations and ocean crossings!

The sea trials have started offshore Lorient and the acceptance is now scheduled from Feb 26th to Feb 29th with potential delivery on the 29th...

The plan is to leave Lorient between March 10th and March 15th and sail to La Grande Motte to attend the International Multihull Show from April 3rd to April 7th. Our first commercial cruise will start on April 8th with the most amazing sail across the Med to Athens in Greece. Check the program on our charter page.

If you are looking for a lifetime sailing experience, please contact us for booking and reservation!

October 31st, 2023 Excellent thread available on Sailing Anarchy

Sailing Anarchy gathers a crowd of aficionados of about everything that sails. Long time member, our contribution started with a thread where a lot of information on the construction has been shared. Should you be looking for discussion on the construction of Avel Vaez, this read is strongly recommended...! The thread starts here.

October 22nd, 2023 construction update and navigation program for 2024-2025

In September 2023, the commercial court decided to award the takeover of the Marsaudon Composites shipyard to the Grand Large Yachting group and committed to keep all of the workforce. This group has experience of high-performance catamarans and takeovers of shipyards in difficulty. Founded by Xavier Desmarest and Stéphane Constance, GLY began in 2003 with the creation of the Allure Yachting shipyard, a new specialist in blue water shallow draft aluminum sailing vessels. In 2007, Outremer Catamaran, pioneer of blue water catamarans, joined the group. In 2010, Garcia Yachting, the historic specialist in aluminum exploration sailboats, was joining the group. In 2016, GLY took over the American shipyard specializing in high-performance, luxury, all-carbon catamarans Gunboat. In 2020, RM Yachts, a specialist in fast cruising sailboats made of plywood and epoxy, joined GLY.

With the acquisition of Marsaudon Composites in 2023, GLY adds the ORC catamaran range to its catalog. GLY's objective in this acquisition seems twofold. First of all, the development of the group is such that the historic production workshops in La Grande Motte are no longer sufficient to meet commercial success. Outremer will therefore relocate the production of the Outremer 45 to Lorient and free up space at La Grande Motte to produce the new Outremer 52, which seem poised for exceptional commercial success.

The other objective is to develop the Catamaran ORC range. The ORC 42 will no longer be part of the catalog. It seems that the very radical concept of this very simple model can no longer be offered at a price low enough to attract the customers who made it successful in the past. Concerning the ORC 50, it is probable that the four unfortunate incidents of the ORC 50 (1), (2), (3), (4) contributed to the emergence of doubt among customers and consequently to the shipyard financial difficulties. The communication from the yard CEO sheds light on these problems. Having sailed for a few days on Addictive Sailing, it is this racing-cruising boat which has given us the most pleasant and entertaining sail, without comparison... It seems that GLY will keep the ORC 50 in the catalog, likely with a more reasonnable rig. A lot of thought will be needed to position this extraordinary series model in a market with no real competition in this size. For the ORC 57, the model is very recent and with the shipyard difficulties in 2023, it has yet to find its customers. GLY will therefore have a unique opportunity to position these two models in the niche of high-performance, customizable boats with very attractive prices.

During the site visit in October 2023, we were able to see that construction had resumed. The composite part is completed and the electrical cable networks and piping were being installed. The engines are installed, the winches and the windlass as well. The purchasing department has integrated the GLY system and procurement is underway again.

Avel Vaez is scheduled for the next launch at the shipyard at the end of November 2023 and delivery at the end of January 2024...

Given the delay in manufacturing the boat, the season will begin directly in the Mediterranean Sea.

Most likely, Avel Vaez will be present at the multihull show in La Grande Motte from April 4th to 7th, 2024.

Then there will be a cruise to Lavrio proposed. An extraordinary first cruise with on the program: Corsica, Capri, the Aeolian Islands, the Strait of Messina, Taormina, Ithaca, Galaxidi, Corinth Canal...

Once in Greece, our partner Fast Sailing will offer Avel Vaez for until the end of October 2024, departing from Olympic Marina in Lavrio. This is the ideal opportunity to discover the Cyclades. These islands are exceptional. They offer multiple possibilities for anchoring, navigation and discovering extraordinary sites.

A crossing from Lavrio to Las Palmas is planned for early November 2024. It will be possible to embark or disembark in Malta, Alicante or Gibraltar.

Avel Vaez is registered for the ARC 2024. It will be the first ORC 57 to participate in this famous rally. Departure on November 24, 2024 from Las Palmas!

From the end of December, the boat will discover the Caribbeans... Departing from Le Marin in Martinique or from another island depending on your needs, you will be able to discover the ORC 57 and the fabulous anchorages of this exceptional navigation area...

Atlantic crossing return from the Caribbeans, via Horta, departure March 29, 2025.

July 19th 2023 construction update

Shipyard has been placed under the Feench Bankruptcy protection law in June. Chantier. Le constructeur de catamarans Marsaudon placé en redressement judiciaire (ouest-france.fr) 

The construction continues until end July 2023, the yard is closing in August 2023 for annual leave. The construction will restart in September. 

We wanted that our boat be built in Britany. Marsaudon Composites is renown worldwide by the high-Performance Catamaran experts. The production facility and the know-how are exceptional. The construction is very light but very robust and structurally very sound. Despite the difficulties, we are proud to have supported this team these past months and we hope for the best possible outcome for all! 

June 17th 2023 construction update

Shipyard has updated the delivery date to end of October, with the launching to take place before mid-October. Expect Atlantic crossing to depart Lorient late November for arrival in Martinique on Christmas period.