Rules of life on board


Rules of life on board the catamaran Avel Vaez

On our ORC57 Avel Vaez, we're committed to providing every passenger with a memorable cruise. And, as we know from experience, community life on a boat can quickly become uncomfortable if left unsupervised.

When sailing, in port or at anchor, we ask each crew member to respect a few basic rules of life on board:

Rule #H1: Smoking is not permitted on board Avel Vaez during navigation. Persons wishing to smoke may do so from the catamaran's aft skirts, at anchor only. Smoking in cabins is strictly forbidden.

Rule #H2: It is forbidden to bring or consume any illegal substance on board.

Rule #H3: The captain must be informed of any medication brought on board by crew members. Any medical treatment taken or to be taken must be reported to him, together with the dosage and the circumstances in which it was taken. The captain must be informed of any known food or drug allergies.

Rule #H4: Passengers must respect the comfort of others on board. Noise and noisy behavior are to be avoided wherever possible.

Rule #H5: At night, in particular, we ask you to respect the rest of everyone on board. During crossings, everyone must take care not to disturb those not on watch.

Rule #H6: Each passenger is responsible for leaving the common areas (including the cockpit, saloon, galley, toilets and circulation areas) clean after his or her visit.

Rule #H7: For the comfort of other passengers and their own comfort, we ask each participant member to maintain an impeccable level of personal hygiene.

Rule #H8: The boat is equipped with two 200-liter water tanks. Water is produced by the osmosis unit (theoretical nominal flow rate 105 liters per hour - actual flow rate approx. 70 liters per hour). Drinking water is available from the osmosis tap at the kitchen sink. For everyone's comfort, water consumption is limited to 20 liters per day, per passenger.

Rule #H9: Avel Vaez toilets are equipped with an electric flush. We ask you to be particularly careful and not to throw away any waste that cannot be treated by the on-board toilets: neither toilet paper, nor hygienic protection, nor any other waste. The only waste accepted is food waste from passengers on board. For all other waste, there is a garbage can near each toilet.

Rule #H10: The crew helps prepare meals. Passengers are welcome to participate, as in all daily tasks performed on the boat.

Rule #H11: All those on board will ensure that the environment is respected, in particular by following the few rules put in place to preserve the environment on board Avel Vaez.