Performance and stability


ORC57 performance and stability

When we talk about a catamaran's capabilities, we're generally interested in its performance and stability. It's these two elements, compared with those of other boats on the market, that determine how the catamaran stacks up against competing multihulls. So, comparing is what we did!

How does the ORC57 compares with other multihulls on the market

The graph on this page compares the performance and stability of different sailing catamarans in the same range, currently on sale.

Please note: The Rapido 50 and Rapido 60 models are trimaran sailboats. They are included here for comparison purposes. The Mumby 48, on the other hand, is an aluminum boat that is relatively lighter than the ORC57 catamaran.

High-performance multihulls are light and have a large sail area. These parameters are reflected in the Upwind Sail Area to Boat Weight quotient (Upwind Sail Area / Boat Weight). This formula enables us to compare the performance of different designs and different boat sizes.

On the vertical axis of the graph, the best-performing catamarans are located at the top.

Catamaran rightening moment sail area boat weight breadth width beam

The stability of sailing catamarans depends on the boat's weight and beam. Generally speaking, the wider and heavier the boat, the more stable it is. This is expressed in the righting moment - simplified, for the sake of comparison, by the product Boat weight by Boat half-width (Boat weight x Boat half-width).

On the horizontal axis of the graph, the most stable catamarans are on the right.

The ORC57: the fastest catamaran thanks to the lightness and the most stable thanks to the great beam

Following this study of the performance and stability of catamarans in the same range offered on the market, we were able to draw a few conclusions:

Compared to all the multihulls on this chart, the ORC57 is clearly the best-performing catamaran. It is a very light catamaran which, despite this, remains very stable. Thanks to the boat's beam, Avel Vaez's level of stability is comparable to other boats of the same size, which are heavier and therefore less efficient!