Avel Vaez: our ORC57 in photos

What better way to imagine yourself racing or cruising aboard Avel Vaez than with a few pictures? Sailing, in port, at anchor... Here's a glimpse of what it's like on our superb catamaran!

Images from the first sailing season - Méditerranée 2024

For several months now, Avel Vaez has been taking crew members on Mediterranean cruises. Our ship's skipper, Christian, and several of our passengers have shared with us some of the photos they took during their first cruises.

©Avel Marine

Avel Vaez in photos

Why not take part in a pictorial tour of Avel Vaez? Our catamaran recently had its portrait taken, so that we could present each of the areas offered on board:

We bet these photos will make you want to get on board even more!

©Mikhael Brun

Photos of Avel Vaez trials in the bay of Lorient

Shortly after the launch, the shipyard set about testing and fine-tuning the yacht. The potential of this well-born boat was immediately apparent. A good sailor, she's also a pleasure to look at.

©Mikhael Brun

Photos of the catamaran launch - January 2024

Our catamaran was launched for the first time in Brittany, on the Lorient La Base quay. This took place on January 16, 2024, when ORC Catamarans completed construction of Avel Vaez. Here are a few photos of the event:

©Mikhael Brun

Pictures of the construction of Avel Vaez

Before being launched in early 2024, Avel Vaez spent just over a year in the yard. If you're interested in the construction of our catamaran, you can read about it in photos on a dedicated page!

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