ORC57 sail plan and VPP

If there is wind, Avel Vaez will sail nicely. And sometimes faster than the wind speed!

Sail plan of the Avel Vaez catamaran

Right from the start of the ORC57's construction, we wanted to equip Avel Vaez with the very best. Our superb catamaran is equipped with a set of 6 top-quality sails, enabling her to sail in all weathers:

To manufacture the sails for our exceptional catamaran, we have entrusted Incidence Sails, a French sailmaker that is a benchmark in ocean racing and a regular choice of leading shipyards.

ORC57's Velocity Prediction Program, or VPP

The ORC57 velocity prediction program, below, shows catamaran speeds as a function of wind angle and sails in place.

For example:

Example upwind:

Wind angle 50 deg

Wind 10 knots

Boat speed 7 knots

Example beam reach:

Wind angle 90 deg

Wind 16 knots

Boat speed 16 knots

Example down wind:

Wind angle 120 deg

Wind 20 knots

Boat speed 17 knots

Horizontal axis: boat speed 0-18 knots

Curves: wind speed 4-30 knots

Wind angle: 0-180 deg

Similar information provided by the architect under spreadsheet format.