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The catamaranS IN videos

How about reliving with us the best moments in the life of our catamaran? On this page, we invite you to discover Avel Vaez in videos! 

The first ORC57 to participate in a race across the atlantic ocean

In Las Palmas on November 17th, 2024, Avel Vaez will take the start of the ARC 2024 with a fleet of 100 more sailboat for one of the largest racing events across the Atlantic Ocean. For this event, Avel Vaez will embark three professional crew and four passengers. Arrival will be in Sainte Lucia!

Avel Vaez videos in season - Méditerranée 2024

Since April 2024, the catamaran Avel Vaez has been sailing the Mediterranean. Christian, the yacht's skipper, and the various passengers on board have made us dream by sending us a few videos. Here's a glimpse of some of the moments they spent on board, and the experiences they were able to savor...

The film of the Avel Vaez launch - January 2024

On January 16, 2024 in Lorient, Brittany, the catamaran Avel Vaez was launched for the first time. Construction of the boat had finally been completed by the Lorient-based teams at the ORC catamarans shipyard!

The large trailer first lifted the third ORC57 out of the shipyard's building at Lorient La Base. Avel Vaez was led under the crane, and straps were placed around the boat. Then the crane operator did his job, launching the 12.9-ton catamaran into the water. Moments later, the mast, shrouds and forestay were already in place...

ORC57 in videos

ORC57 sea trials, tours of the boat's interior and exterior spaces, passenger testimonials... These other ORC57 videos will allow you to discover the boat in its entirety. So, are you ready to embark?

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