LIFE SAVING and first aid


your safety is our priority onboard Avel VAez

Avel Vaez is a safe catamaran, on which we do our utmost to welcome you in the best possible conditions. On board, despite our catamaran's sporty performance, it's out of the question to put passenger in the slightest danger! The few risks that may be encountered during navigation or at anchor have been studied and anticipated.

A qualified professional crew

To carry out its activities, Avel Vaez is registered as a professional passenger ship. Operated under the French flag (RIF), our catamaran is operated by a professional crew of qualified sailors:

An impressive safety package

In order to be able to intervene in any situation arising on board the boat, we have equipped our ORC57 in accordance with the recommendations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Avel Vaez complies with the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) requirement for ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

"In terms of electronics, I've never sailed on a boat so well equipped!"

Éric, aboard Avel Vaez in April 2024, sailing from La Grande-Motte (France) to Athens (Greece).

Strict compliance to most stringent regulation

Thanks to all the equipment on board, our catamaran meets the strictest safety standards. As a professional passenger vessel, it has been certified by the competent authorities in France to cross the Atlantic.

Catamaran ORC57 Avel Vaez chart table radio equipment GMDSS

Our yacht's safety equipment includes:

Catamaran ORC57 safety equipment abandon fire fighting

Location of safety equipment on Avel Vaez

Avel Vaez medical Inventory

Our catamaran is fully equipped for medical care. Avel Vaez carries a complete first-aid and medical inventory, approved by the French authorities for ocean crossings. Our equipment includes oxygen tanks, an electrocardiogram, a defibrillator and more...

Catamaran ORC57 Avel Vaez medical inventory

Avel Vaez crew members are trained to provide first aid and rescue to passengers when necessary.

Finally, to ensure the safety of all on board, future Avel Vaez passengers are invited to take note of the few safety rules we have put in place on the catamaran.