Life aboard the catamaran Avel Vaez

The very comfortable accommodation, the professional crew, the catering, the priority given to safety, the actions to promote conviviality on board and environmental protection...

On cruising catamaran Avel Vaez, we invite every passenger to enjoy the highest quality experience possible, while minimizing our footprint on nature. Come aboard a fully-equipped, top-of-the-range catamaran, and experience an unparalleled adventure in complete safety!

Comfortable living spaces at sea, in port or at anchor

Aboard Avel Vaez, everything has been designed to enable passengers to enjoy a very comfortable catamaran. Whether you're at sea or on a stopover, the boat's facilities will ensure you have a great time:

Please note: As Avel Vaez is an ultra-light catamaran, designed for high-speed cruising, it was not possible to fit an air-conditioning system. From experience, we know that the sea breeze passing through the many open portholes ensures a perfectly comfortable temperature inside the boat. Day or night!

On board our ORC57, a professional crew

To enable all our crew members to enjoy exceptional cruises, all year round and in complete safety, Avel Vaez always has a professional crew. The crew is made up of two experienced sailors: Christian - professional skipper, and Pavlina - sailor-hostess.

Christian has a double diploma, Captain 200 Sailing and Captain 500, and has been piloting sailing vessels for over 20 years.

Pavlina trained as a social pedagogue, then obtained certification from a hotel school. She, too, has been working on different boats for almost 20 years - as a chef, sailor, hostess... or all of the above!

During ocean cruises such as the Atlantic crossings, which we offer twice a year, a third professional sailor joins the Avel Vaez crew.

Five languages are spoken fluently on board all year round:

Catering on our catamaran

Everything is taken care of on board Avel Vaez, including food! In addition to maneuvering and navigation, the professional crew also takes care of catering for the passengers every day.

From breakfast to dinner, including snacks - to be taken at a time that suits you best... everything is organized! You are, of course, welcome to join in the cooking, and help the crew with everyday tasks.

Safety on board: an imperative

From the departure briefing by our crew to our passengers' return ashore, safety aboard Avel Vaez is our top priority. We therefore ask everyone aboard ORC57 to observe a few safety rules.

On board the catamaran, to ensure the comfort of all passengers, there are also a number of basic rules to be observed. Please take note of the following instructions before boarding.

A special concern for the environment

On Avel Vaez, to preserve the environment and in particular the sea - our immense playground - we are committed to adopting exemplary behavior. A few simple rules will enable all our catamaran passengers to enjoy sailing to the full, without having an impact on the environment!